Our time together is a wonderful gift itself. However several times I have been asked what kind of gifts I like.
So my wish list will make it easier for Gentlemen who like to surprise me, but are not sure what to take.

Although gifts are not required nor expected, they are always appreciated and never forgotten.

Sweet Treats:

Belgian Pralinés (Godiva), Macarons (Luxemburgerli)

Gifts & Vouchers:

Gift vouchers for sensual lingerie from the French brand Aubade

Cosy sleepware from the brand Dagsmejan in size M

How generous some gentlemen are when they pamper me with a Spa treatment afterwards,
or sometimes even before our romantic rendezvous

Gourmet Cuisine

I am a gourmet and connoisseur (caviar, oysters, truffles) and a big fan of multi-course gourmet cuisine.
Let’s enjoy a culinary Wine & Dine journey together in a nice and cosy restaurant.