Our time together is a wonderful gift itself. However several times I have been asked what kind of gifts I like.
So my wish list will make it easier for Gentlemen who like to surprise me, but are not sure what to take.

Although gifts are not required nor expected, they are always appreciated and never forgotten.

Sweet Treats:

Belgian Chocolate (Godiva)
Macarons (Luxemburgerli)

Gift Vouchers:

How generous some gentlemen are when they pamper me with a Spa Voucher afterwards,
or sometimes even before our romantic rendezvous. 


Often, men comment how lovely my feet are. According to some, I could be a top foot model! 
You could make me very happy with seasonal summer sandals. 

Ilio Smeraldo x Claire Rose; Plexi Wedge Sandals in white in size 37
Hermès Oran Sandals; in white or black in size 37; my favourite : )